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Not Going To The Game?. Weekend Commitments | by Dominus Owen Markham | Oct, 2023

Weekend Commitments

What does your weekend look like?

A majority of people will see the weekend as family time, chillax time…kick back and enjoy. For me, things tend to be a little different.

Losing count of how many times I have been invited to social events and not attended is a norm for me but I know many tend to view me as anti-social because of that.

My work, purely online in its nature, is a commitment I am seriously bound to. While I have systems to automate various facets of my online processes, I also know where the “online gold” tends to emerge.

To say the least, I am pretty much a control freak, yes, I admit it, and that has been part of my life forever.

Also, I am a self-confessed stats addict, gosh, can I be any more of a bad person??

The structure of my week predominantly culminates in the weekend “feast” of higher online browsing. During the week I will create content daily for myself and clients and schedule a higher proportion for the weekend.

When the magical weekend period (or public holiday) drops, I want as much of my “stuff” in front of the people that are taking time out and surfing…which, we are all guilty of in our downtime…yes, even me.

Weekend “traffic” is fascinating and I like to monitor it live as much as possible (hey, it’s my life lol)…why?

So, trends are everything and keeping an eye on what you are split-testing has tremendous benefits. Spotting a current or sudden hot trend, automation won’t help you “cease the moment”.

I like to jump on a trend and harness its power as quickly as I humanly can (not AI…but that’s another topic ha).

Don’t get me wrong, my obsessions with my work and its results do not engulf my whole life…hell, I am…

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