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Oregon Inventor of Safe Tie-Downs Leverages QVC Successes Reaches Sales Milestone

Innovative, Patented LoopRope® Tie-Down System Safer Than Bungee Cords While Providing Superior Cargo Integrity and Organization Capabilities



Orange Looprope

Orange Looprope

MEDFORD, Ore.Sept. 29, 2023PRLog — LoopRope®, LLC founder and CEO Jeff Dahl today revealed a Sunday, October 1st return appearance on popular shopping channel QVC. Scheduled from 10 p.m. – 12 Midnight Eastern Time, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Pacific time, this will be Dahl and LoopRope’s 40th appearance on the shopping show over eight years. Quite the milestone. Their mutual story is a great example of a small-town inventor and entrepreneur with a good product finding sales success via digital outreach.

It all started over thirteen years ago on a trip to the dump when Oregon inventor, Jeff Dahl, got frustrated tying knots and using bungee cords to secure his stuff. He knew there had to be something better, something safer and easier to use – but he couldn’t find what he needed on any shelves or in any catalogs. He envisioned a single rope with loops in it enabling users to clip loops together to create tension. So driven by concerns around personal safety and cargo integrity he designed a new tie-down system, LoopRope®, that met his needs, and was safer, more effective and easier to use than standard tie-downs including bungee cords.

LoopRope® is manufactured from one continuous piece of shock cord fastened together to create permanent loops. Each patented LoopRope® comes with two, dual-sided, stainless steel carabiners. One 5-foot tie-down gives users 10 custom tie-down lengths and over 18 attachment points. Additionally, multiple LoopRopes can be linked together so users can create a cargo net of any size, whenever and wherever they like.

“We’ve worked for years to build the relationship with QVC necessary to make this happen,” said Jeff Dahl, founder and creator of the original LoopRope® tie-down product line. “The company successfully competed in QVC’s “Sprouts” company competition and we were invited back after being voted the ‘most wished for’ product by QVC viewers. Since that time, we’ve been on the show forty times. Last year we sold 70,000 products via the channel, and this year QVC has ordered 110,000. Surpassing the 100k mark, crushing it really, is a remarkable sales milestone. We’re on track to hit the half million mark of combined sales sometime this year.”

QVC Sprouts® was initiated in March of 2012 by QVC and the United Inventors Association (UIA), and allows new products to compete with each other for a chance to be featured on the QVC website and ultimately, QVC TV.

For Dahl, a small-town inventor and now manufacturer, and for the LoopRope® product line, QVC and Dahl’s subsequent relationship with Amazon have made all the difference in terms of sustainable sales. That has enabled the company to enter a variety of profitable vertical niche markets with high demand for tie-down systems. Vertical markets like: camping and outdoor recreation; hunting and fishing; RVing and road travel; transportation and trucking; watercraft and boating; and even landscaping and building contractors with gear and materials to tie down.

“It’s no wonder LoopRope® is so popular,” said Dahl. “Consumers keep finding new and unique ways to use the clever and safe tie-down system, like the father who loaded up his daughter’s room for the trip to college, then left her the LoopRope® to tie-down and haul her college sports gear around campus.”

About LoopRope®, LLC
Founded in 2009 by Jeff Dahl in Medford, Oregon, LoopRope®, LLC was conceived out of frustration and need. A regular guy with lots of “guy gear,” Dahl was not inclined to tie knots, and bungee cords are simply too messy, unreliable and dangerous to use. After much research and about fifty prototypes, Dahl invented the LoopRope® tie-down system; made of one continuous piece of shock cord fastened together to create  permanent loops. Now patented, LoopRope® comes in a variety of lengths and colors including its traditional orange and black, and new camo and all black versions.

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