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Polar Bear-supporting Collections : keep it wild

Polar Bear-supporting Collections

The Keep It Wild collection by Kodiak was realized through a partnership with the non-profit organization Polar Bears International and artist Brooklyn Bell. The initiative was dedicated to raising awareness about polar bears and the life-threatening obstacles they face because of climate change and the loss of sea ice. The funds received through Kodiak’s Keep It Wild collection were re-routed to support Polar Bears International’s conservation efforts. In total, the initiative raised $105,113 from gear sales and online orders.

The Keept Wild initiative is well integrated with Kodiak’s business. In addition to educating consumers about polar bears and the efforts of Polar Bears International, as well as marketing the limited-edition artist-designed clothing and accessories range, Kodiak’s Keep It Wild page advertised the brand’s products—from its Flapjack Mixes to its Granola Bars, as “real food that drives us wild.”

Image Credit: Kodiak

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