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Pre-Duct-Taped Shoe Designs

Pre-Duct-Taped Shoe Designs

Pre-distressed footwear designs have certainly been a focus of many streetwear brands that are pushing the boundaries of shoe aesthetics. Recently, Vans Vault stands out in this category with a new release.

The new Vans Vault skate shoe silhouettes looked pre-worn and come with black duct tape dealing that will make consumers do a double take. Available in Japan, the brand launches two pre-distressed footwear designs—a checkerboard Vans Vault Slip-On and Vault Half-Cab in black and white. Despite their worn-out look, the models feature premium materials and reinforced construction.

The decision to go with the black duct tape as the main visual detail stems from Vans Vault’s desire to pay homage to skate culture as skaters often repair their worn-out shoes with duct tape.

Image Credit: Vans

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