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Safety-Focused Shoe Designs

Safety-Focused Shoe Designs

Vans has a long history of being associated with skateboarding, a relationship dating back to the brand’s founding in 1966—so, it really comes as no surprise that these sneakers with built-in ankle guards are attributed to the label.

Launched as part of Vans Vault, these innovative and somewhat absurd shoes build on top of the Vans Era silhouette. Taka Hayashi, a “prolific Californian artist, and Vans Vault designer,” is responsible for the wacky model that is sure to gather a lot of attention from sneakerheads and skaters alike.

Although the ankle guards are certainly not capable of preventing a rolled ankle, they will offer some protection “in case of a botched trick.” Additionally, the ankle guards have a built-in secret pocket that skaters can use to transport cash, snacks, and other things.

Image Credit: Vans

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