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Smithtown New York Names Thursday, June 22, 2023 as “Kevin L. McCrudden Day”

Kings Park native, Kevin L. McCrudden was honored by a Proclamation by Smithtown Supervisor Wehrheim and Town Board naming a day in his honor on the eve of the World Premiere of his globally award winning documentary, “The Light of Man!”



Councilwoman Lisa Inzerillo and Kevin L. McCrudden

Councilwoman Lisa Inzerillo and Kevin L. McCrudden

SMITHTOWN, N.Y.June 25, 2023PRLog — Smithtown Supervisor Wehrheim and Town Board announced by Proclamation that Thursday, June 22,2023 was “Kevin L. McCrudden Day” in Smithtown, as presented by Smithtown Councilwoman Lisa Inzerillo.

After 20+ plus years of speaking all over America and becoming known as, “Mr. Motivation and America’s Chief Motivation Officer,” McCrudden triumphantly came home to share his newest and most successful project. Kevin brought his globally award-winning documentary, “The Light of Man” to the newly renovated Smithtown Performing Arts Center for his “World Premiere!” The documentary has been a “selection” at almost 20 Film Festivals around the world and has been selected as “Winner” at 8 of those festivals in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, London, Rome, Paris, Delhi and most recently, Cannes France. The New York Film Awards wrote: “Powerful. The Light of Man is a love letter to the world, which promotes original thinking about the power of connection between human beings.

“Creating the documentary has been a long and “divine journey,” said McCrudden. “I can’t tell you exactly when it began, but all of the people that have been presented to me along this journey to help with the completion of the project has been nothing short of “divine intervention!” And now, to have the “world premiere” in Smithtown, less than 5 miles from where I was born in Kings Park and on what would have been my mom’s 101st birthday is so amazing. But, to have Supervisor Wehrheim and the Smithtown Town Board name June 22nd as “Kevin L. McCrudden Day” is really a bit overwhelming!” he concluded.

Michael Mucciolo, the Board President of the Smithtown Performing Arts Council said, “To my knowledge, the Smithtown Performing Arts Theatre has never had a “World Premiere” of a movie in its 90+ year history. As our mission is to provide art and artists a place for the community to come together and take part in these experiences, it is an honor to see Kevin, a local Kings Park resident’s story come full circle with “The Light of Man,” at our newly renovated and upgraded Theatre. In addition to Kevin being from Kings Park, his Producer, Dominic Casillo, Sr. is from Northport.”

McCrudden stated, “I am very proud of the outcome of the documentary. In 67 minutes, we cover, history, religion, spirituality, science, physics and consciousness. And, in the end, I think Einstein would be proud of our outcome and conclusions. In fact, not only do we seem to prove the movement toward what Einstein saw as a “future religion,” but utilize, probably one of the most profound comments made by Einstein to cover the human experience and need for “religion” or a “higher power:”

“This “divine journey” may lead to a new generation of “enlightenment.” Through divine guidance, I have asked what are seemingly, “the right questions” of “the right people” to come to a conclusion that I had no idea Einstein had predicted. Bringing together experts that guide us through Religion and Spirituality, in order to take a closer look at science, physics and modern day “consciousness,” which is what Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. John Hagelin have been speaking about… and evidently, Albert Einstein, is beyond my wildest imagination!”

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