Sat. May 18th, 2024

Smooth Medicine Delivery Solutions : oily gel for medicine

Smooth Medicine Delivery Solutions

A team of scientists from MIT, Mass General Brigham, and Women’s Hospital, have created an oily gel for medicine delivery solutions. The oily gel will make it easier for children and adults alike to take medicine that is often delivered via a large pill. Many patients find themselves struggling to swallow a pill, or even struggling to convince themselves to take a pill, due to the difficulty in consuming them.

This oily gel, according to the team of scientists that created it, is capable of dissolving most medicinal powders stored in pills. Then the patient can simply take a spoonful of this dissolved medicine oil and receive their required dosage without the hassle of a pill.

One additional use case that this oily gel has is its ability to preserve medicine. Many medicinal preservation systems require clean water and refrigeration. However, the nature of this oil means it could potentially preserve medicine long enough for payloads to be delivered to underserved communities and regions where additional medicine is required.

Image Credit: Matt Pickett, Dylan Freitas

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