Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Snack-Holding Suit Accessories

Snack-Holding Suit Accessories

Ahead of prom season, beloved snack brand Hot Pockets has debuted the Hot Pockets Square. This innovative product, made with beautifully insulated red satin, discreetly tucks into your suit jacket, providing space for your favorite Hot Pockets sandwich variety while keeping both your look and your Pocket unexpectedly hot.

The Hot Pockets Square is the ideal hybrid accessory for suit season snacking. Whether it’s late nights after college formals, never-ending ceremonies at weddings, or meetings that could have been an email, this staple accessory is perfect for functional fashion and food lovers alike. Elevate your style and satisfy your hunger with the Hot Pockets Square.

“We love the intersection of utility and style – and we love giving our fans new ways to interact with our brand,” says Bryan Waddell, Brand Marketing Manager for Hot Pockets. “We have much more coming in the months ahead.”

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