Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

The Absurd Logistics of Concert Tours: The Behind-the-Scenes Preparation You Don’t Get to See

If you’re lucky, you get to spend three hours at a concert, communing with your favorite band. That’s just a fraction of the time it takes to prepare the logistics for the show–to sign the original agreements with the venue, rent suitable hotels, hire crews, fill trucks with equipment and haul it from venue to venue, hang speakers and erect the stage, the list goes on.

The absurd logistics of concert tours gets covered in the Wendover Productions video above. It takes you through all the behind-the-scenes logistics you never get to see. Meanwhile, the video below lets you see, in timelapse motion, a crew preparing a Rammstein show at a large German stadium, compressing seven days of beehive activity into 2 minutes. It’s a sight to behold…

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