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The Scroll Of Self Indulgence. Observing The Mythical World | by Dominus Owen Markham | Oct, 2023

Observing The Mythical World

A distant World beckons, your toils in the field are set aside at least for a few hours a day or, if you are fortunate, a full day or two.

Having cast off the chattels of your enforced labour to a faceless Master, the sense of freedom is welcomed. And yet, some of your precious time must be focused on gathering vittles to sustain your pantry, ready for your next period of drudgery.

Your downtime reduces significantly at the expense of domestic chores, maintaining your abode, servicing your adornments and storing your produce…but soon…soon, you will have that immersive segment of time which you can call your own.

A mystical tome calls out to you and whilst there may be other matters to attend to, you sneak a look within its hallowed pages.

Time seems to stand still, scrolling through the infinite pages of another worldly existence.

Your mind is taken to places you have never known, the secrets of untold riches a life beyond the walls of conventional toil.

Another person, perhaps a family member, nudges you from this dream world…the book is closed and a realisation that time, whilst it had felt to have been only a short dalliance across the bounds of place and time, had swiftly progressed. Time that had become lost through a seemingly worthless self-indulgence.

A head still filled with promised lands and untold riches, you return to the grind of mundane activities that “must” be carried out.

As the minutes and hours tick away some of those enticing senses of another style of living remain latched in your sub-conscious mind…perhaps….just maybe, you too could change your lot.

If the life portrayed within the magic volume was possible…why not you?

But no, the momentary release from your humdrum situation ebbs away and seems, just a dream to never be realised.

If only, just if you had taken positive action, researched the possibilities of breaking free using the secret resources and incantations hidden within that book…

Next time…next time…you will start to evolve beyond the enslavement of exchanging your time for the benefit of…

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