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Top 7 Best Places To Be A Digital Nomad

Top 7 Best Places To Be A Digital Nomad


However, where you choose to travel will have a huge impact on whether you gain the actual benefits of working abroad as a digital nomad. It is important to keep in mind that not every country has the internet speeds, legislation, and overall environment viable for freelancers or digital nomads seeking a scenery change. 

Take cities such as Johannesburg (South Africa), St. Petersburg (Russia), and Beijing (China), for example; they are some of the worst places you can choose as a freelancer as they lack essentials in all these aspects. In addition, they have their fair share of political issues. Contrarily, the countries below could be a great choice for any freelancer. 

Top 7 Countries To Work As Digital Nomads

1. Estonia 

Over the past few years, Estonia has become a tech startup paradise. As a result, many professionals from all over the world are thronging the country. Estonia provides freelancers with many opportunities to network and find work in young, talented, and motivated teams. 

The country has an average cost of living, but the rent and transport there are relatively cheap. This means that if you manage it properly, you can enjoy plenty of savings. 

It is worth noting that Estonia was the first country to officially recognize access to the internet as a basic human right. This explains why freelancers, in particular, flourish there. In a country where the government has such a positive attitude towards the internet and technology, internet connectivity will rarely be an issue and you will be able to work from any place and at any time. 

As a freelancer, there are essentially no downsides to moving to Estonia. It is easy to immigrate there and it offers e-residency

While this isn’t necessarily a big deal, the only negative thing that you can have to deal with is not living close to the beach if that’s your preference. 

2. Germany 

Germany is a first world developed nation in the European Union that is a leader in technology and engineering. They have a strong infrastructure for working as a digital nomad and plenty of tourist attractions as well. 

If you are going to work as a digital freelancer in Germany, make sure you have proper health insurance to avoid potentially costly medical fees. Insurance Germany offerings should be considered to find the right policy coverage for your needs and requirements.

3. Vietnam 

Vietnam has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years among freelancers and digital nomads looking to start a new life in an exotic location. As a freelancer, there is a lot to love about the country. For starters, it has become a key tech startup hub in the region. In addition, it is a cheap country to live in and you only require a small budget to start a life there. 

More importantly, the people of Vietnam are some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world. Within no time, you will feel just like one of the locals. This openness to visitors will help you overcome any culture shock you might experience. 

The only drawback to moving to Vietnam is the relatively slow internet speeds. However, for the best internet speeds in the country, Hanoi is the go-to city. 

4. Portugal 

Very few places in the world can match the wireless internet speeds of Lisbon. While Lisbon has a mid-range general cost of living, the internet is incredibly cheap. And as a bonus, the beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Ocean are only a short ride away. What’s more, freelancers are given certain tax benefits through the Non-Habitual Residency Program. 

These are just but a few reasons why Portugal is among the best places for freelancers. It is also quite affordable if you are bootstrapping your business or on a budget!

5. Czech Republic 

If you desire to live among Gothic Cathedrals enjoying the ambiance of historic Europe, you should consider the Czech Republic. Not only is the internet great, but there is also reliable and high-speed public Wi-Fi in all places in the city of Prague. There are also plenty of co-working and coffee shops where freelancers and entrepreneurs frequent to network and mingle. 

Going by EU standards, the Czech Republic has a relatively low cost of living. Thousands of freelancers have already made a home in the country. And thanks to this, it will be much easier to keep the feelings of isolation and loneliness at bay, which can make transitioning to a new country very complicated. Joining local communities is not only beneficial for your mental health but also in finding new business opportunities. 

6. Thailand 

Did you know that digital nomads have already established their own community in Bangkok? This is one proof of just how amazing of a place Thailand is for freelancers. There are so many tech opportunities and expats in big cities in the country are thriving
The biggest advantage of living in Thailand is that it is incredibly cheap. This means that your current level of income affords you a comfortable life in the West, you will most likely live a richer life in Thailand

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Now might be the best time to select your international health insurance plan. If there is anything we have learned from 2024 already is that we really need to take our health more seriously. 

The ever-growing expat community enjoys high-speed and stable internet in all the major cities of Thailand. In addition, there are plenty of specialized networking programs, especially in Chiang Mai. This significantly helps freelancers and digital nomads to easily expand their business horizons. 

However, you need to be extra cautious of the local laws. It is important that you properly understand them and exercise good behavior while in Thailand. The last thing you want is to run into trouble with the local legal system. 

7. New Zealand 

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For freelancers, the stable and high-speed internet connection available in all the cities in the country is a great incentive. However, this only applies to cities since the countryside suffers from poor internet connectivity. 

Another key reason why New Zealand is so attractive to freelancers is that it offers top-class opportunities for active outdoor recreation. Whether you are looking to spend your spare time practicing landscape photography or hiking, Thailand is the best place to be. 

You will be pleased to learn that New Zealand has extensive cultural diversity, consisting of more than 140 nationalities. This means that it is easy for a foreign freelancer to fit in and integrate into the community. This is particularly so if you understand and speak English. 

In addition, the country has a relatively simple tax system without any applying strict laws that can cause issues for self-employed individuals. If you are looking to start a business there, the process is simple and straightforward – no much hassle. 

What’s more, New Zealand has some of the best coffee in the world and it is also cheap. 

The only thing that can put you off being a freelancer in the country of New Zealand is the relatively high cost of living. This situation is also the same in all islands since a big proportion of goods have to be imported. 

Dominate As A Digital Nomad 

In today’s increasingly digital economy, it pays to work from anywhere in the world. Check out these top destinations to dominate as a digital nomad without breaking the bank.

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