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Tradition of Nudism in Catalonia

battle is brewing in Catalonia between nudists and clothed tourists on the region’s pristine beaches. The Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia is leading a campaign to protect the tradition of nudism associated with around 50 beaches in the area. The issue arises from the increasing presence of tourists wearing swimwear on what were previously mainly nudist beaches.

The leader of the Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia expressed concern about the lack of respect shown by clothed tourists, which makes nudists uncomfortable and undermines the nudist tradition in Catalonia. Nudism is not banned in Spain, but nudists prefer to gather on beaches that have historically been nudist. The association is raising public awareness and requesting measures such as improved signage and public awareness campaigns.

The recent influx of tourists and social media influence are identified as the main factors contributing to the “textile invasion.” Some tourists intentionally ignore signs indicating a nudist beach. Nudists report feeling uncomfortable and crowded, leading to a decline in beach visits. They also face discrimination and disparaging remarks.

The campaign aims to maintain nudist beaches as safe spaces and preserve the tradition for future generations. A video was released showing two tourists embracing the freedom and calmness of swimming nude. The goal is to raise awareness and foster respect for nudism, ensuring that nudist beaches remain inclusive and safe.

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