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Unveling the Hidden Truth about Alzheiemr’s and Women’s Health



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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.Aug. 30, 2023PRLog — Unveiling the Critical Connection between Women’s Health and Alzheimer’s Risk: A Paradigm-Shifting Revelation

Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. August 30, 20223 – In an era where medical breakthroughs often grab headlines, a revolutionary perspective on Alzheimer’s risk factors emerges, putting the spotlight on women’s health. Patrick S. Smith, a visionary author, challenges the established norms and presents a groundbreaking revelation in his newly released book, titled “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain.”

Recent studies have underscored a disconcerting truth – women face more than double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease when compared to their male counterparts. Even more astonishing is the revelation that those who have undergone surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries experience a 30% surge in this risk.

Patrick’s book delves into the often-neglected connection between the neuro-endocrine system and these staggering statistics. The book doesn’t shy away from questioning the glaring lack of discourse around this critical issue, which, if openly discussed, could potentially pave the way for effective prevention strategies.

The narrative laid out by Smith contends that the propagation of a “magic pill” solution, purportedly a panacea for Alzheimer’s, is a deliberate misdirection, fostering a cycle of misinformation. Patrick passionately rejects this notion and seeks to empower individuals with the knowledge to take charge of their cognitive well-being.

“I am not part of the establishment,” Patrick asserts. “My mission is to arm individuals with actionable prevention techniques, enabling them to avert age-related cognitive decline.” The author’s book meticulously unpacks the intricate interplay between the neuro-endocrine system and cognitive health, offering readers an alternative perspective and a blueprint for safeguarding their mental faculties.

Patrick’s rallying cry resonates with those who believe that prevention is the most potent strategy against the debilitating impacts of Alzheimer’s. The book unequivocally underscores that once symptoms manifest, avenues for effective intervention narrow significantly.

Brain Love Health, the movement that Patrick and His Partner Ana Tucker champions, is positioned as a beacon of support for those seeking proactive solutions. The book is not just a literary work, but a call to action and a pathway towards sustainable cognitive health.

For media inquiries, author interviews, and review copies, please contact:

Patrick Smith: psmith@brainlovehealth.com  919-601-5462

“Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain” is now available on  Amazon and all other book retailers English and Spanish.
About Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is an innovative Health Care entrepreneur known for his passionate advocacy of cognitive health and his innovative approach to addressing Alzheimer’s risk factors.  He has had a 45 year career founding six Healthcare service and A Pharmaceutical Research Organization. His latest work, “Dementia Does Not Start in the Brain,” challenges conventional wisdom and sparks a crucial dialogue about women’s health and cognitive wellness.  An area he has sent 25 years exploring and investing personal resources.

Website: brainlovehealth.com Social Media: @patrickbrainlovehealthceo: @brainlovehealth

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