Can anyone recommend a pie recipe that has apples and another major flavor? I love the idea of apple pie, I’ve tried a number of different fillngs, I can make a picture perfect one, but it always seems a little bland and boring to me. It’s just not my favorite, but I love the idea of apple pie this time of year with all of the fresh apples we have locally. I don’t love cranberries or dried fruit so I don’t want to go that route. I’m thinking maple syrup, bourbon or maybe caramel would be good, and I experimented a little but without getting the flavor really in there. I know there are recipes online and I’m hoping just to get an endorsement from someone, since there so many bad recipes out there. This recipe intrigues me, but I’ve never heard of this blog and the fact that she has so many sugar-free and gluten-free recipes on the site concerns me.

Brown Butter Maple Caramel Apple Pie The Kitchen McCabe

With Thanksgiving in just a few days I though I’d share with you the pie that I will be bringing to my family’s dinner. This pie has been called “the…

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