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Work-Life Balance Policies : paternity leave policy

Work-Life Balance Policies

The Bank of Ireland has launched a new paternity leave policy in order to support its employees by offering a greater work-life balance. The policy allows individuals whose partner is having a baby, or individuals who are adopting a baby to take up to six weeks of paid leave from the company. The individual will have their job reserved for them when they return, meaning this is a no-risk process.

Previously, the Bank of Ireland only permitted employees to take a two-week paternity leave. However, the bank has made this change in lieu of recognizing the need for parents to bond with their children, even if it is not the parent that explicitly gave birth to the child. This initiative is expected to elevate work-life balance while increasing gender equality at home and in the workplace.

Matt Elliott, the chief people officer at The Bank of Ireland, stated: “Our aim is to create a more inclusive approach to all types of family leave, recognizing the varying needs of the modern family in all its guises.”

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