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Workflow Services by ImageMover Announces Partnership with Federation of Pharmacy Networks


MADISON, Wis.June 28, 2023PRLog — ImageMoverMD, Inc. (ImageMover), a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN), a renowned association of independent pharmacies. This collaboration is designed to empower FPN member organizations with a cutting-edge platform for managing clinical service delivery in pharmacies. The innovative solution, Workflow Services, enables pharmacies to deliver seamless, pharmacist-led, low-acuity services to their communities while ensuring streamlined reimbursement from medical insurance payers.

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, pharmacies are increasingly recognized as critical healthcare providers who offer convenient and accessible services to their communities. With the rising demand for low-acuity services such as immunizations, health screenings, and point-of-care testing, pharmacies require advanced digital tools to efficiently manage their clinical service delivery and maximize their impact.

“We are delighted to partner with the Federation of Pharmacy Networks to bring Workflow Services to their member organizations,” said Shannon Brenkendorff, VP of Technical Solutions at ImageMover. “This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to empower independent pharmacies to transform healthcare delivery. With Workflow Services, FPN member pharmacies can offer comprehensive clinical services to their customers and thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape.”

Through its partnership with FPN, ImageMover brings its expertise and state-of-the-art Workflow Services platform to transform the way pharmacies deliver clinical services. Workflow Services combines intuitive workflow management, secure patient communication, and seamless reimbursement capabilities.

“We are excited to offer our member groups the transformative capabilities of Workflow Services,” said Carol Carlson, CEO of Federation of Pharmacy Networks. “The Workflow Services technology will empower FPN member pharmacies to deliver accessible care to their communities while optimizing operational practices. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to advancing independent pharmacy practice.”

ImageMover’s partnership with the Federation of Pharmacy Networks is a significant step forward in elevating the role of independent pharmacies within the healthcare landscape. By equipping member organizations with Workflow Services, pharmacies gain a competitive advantage, expand their service offerings, and further establish themselves as trusted healthcare providers in their communities.

About Workflow Services by ImageMover:

Workflow Services by ImageMover is a healthcare software platform that innovates seamless point-of-care medical workflow software solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. The company’s solutions employ exclusive, patented approaches to securely capture and integrate medical data to simplify communication and enhance patient care. Workflow Services is a division of ImageMover, founded in 2013 to design and deliver a secure solution for managing images at the point-of-care. To learn more, visit LinkedIn (…) or (…).

About Federation of Pharmacy Networks:

Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN) is a distinguished association of independent pharmacies committed to advancing the practice of independent pharmacy. FPN provides its members with a wide range of resources, support, and expertise to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

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