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Write Yourself A Tesla. Making Income From Scribbles | by Dominus Owen Markham | Oct, 2023

Making Income From Scribbles

As you are reading this article, I think we can safely say you are either an avid reader, a seasoned writer or a wannabe scribbler, perhaps with aspirations of making an income from the written word.

The title I chose is a play on a phrase used in one of Nick James’ books, of whom I have several, a seasoned and highly successful Info Publisher.

The concept is quite clear, you need money, get scribbling and turn your words into cash.

Obviously, that is easier said than done, but a viable option even in these days of cut-and-paste AI content…for me I am a human writing for humans.

AI can be a useful tool for deep-dive research but if you look at some of the written work it spits out in seconds, there is a pattern, and it “likes” certain power phrases…but hey this isn’t about the pros and cons of our generative ai systems.

Writing has been part of my life for a good deal of it, and I enjoy and benefit from…what better way to fill your wallet or purse eh?

However, creating any content that provides income for you or your customer is NOT an overnight success story.

The age of push-button riches is advertised at every turn or scroll…do not buy into the hype…99% is snake oil!

There are huge opportunities to derive an income from writing, and one size does not fit all. Below are several examples for you:

Freelance Writing: Offer your writing services on a freelance basis. You can write articles, blog posts, website content, or even copywriting for businesses and individuals.

Content Writing for Websites: Many businesses and organizations require regular content for their websites. You can specialize in writing web content, product descriptions, or landing pages.

Ghostwriting: Ghostwriters are hired to write books, articles, or other pieces of content on behalf of someone else. This can include writing

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