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“Yellowstone”. Is It The Real World? | by Dominus Owen Markham | Oct, 2023

Is It The Real World?

Who hasn’t heard of “Yellowstone”?

A television series revolving around family drama, land disputes and ongoing clashes between developers and ranchers.

The family patriarch owning the ranch, John Dutton is willing to fight tooth and nail to protect his land and legacy.

Conflicts with neighbouring ranchers, land developers, the dynamics of the Indian Reservation and within the family itself are a constant struggle for existence.

Power play, corruption, loyalty and belief systems are highlighted in a colourful representation of the complexities of family, land ownership and the clash between tradition and progress.

So, does it have any parallel to “real” life?

We live with these interactions daily. Family discord is not uncommon, the fight for power, ownership and control is also a commonality globally.

At any level, a business can be a “Yellowstone” mixing bowl. Family interactions can impact a business, both positively and negatively. Seeking dominance in the marketplace and a desire to maintain control over assets can cause untold conflict.

Behind the scenes of “Yellowstone”, real-life conflicts are being played out.

Production of the show has been delayed due to strikes, and Kevin Costner (John Dutton) has an ongoing conflict with co-creator Taylor Sheridan about which there has been much supposition…is it a power play, an inherent desire to control and dominate?

It goes without saying, “Yellowstone” is a creation, predominantly of fiction, though the writer has real-life experience within the ranching community. However, in many senses, it showcases a corner of life that reflects each of our experiences, in life and business.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a business empire owner, life will play its part in affecting your progress, don’t take it personally, just roll with the punches.

As the saying goes: “You Can’t Choose Your Family”, and often in the business world you can’t always…

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