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Burger King Thailand stuns diners with meatless burger filled with 20 slices of cheese | World News


Burger King has introduced a new offering on its menu in Thailand – a meatless burger packed with 20 slices of American cheese.

The Real Cheeseburger is being offered at the fast-food chain’s locations across the country and has drawn a mixed response from customers.

Stuffed with just a thick wedge of cheese, some people took to social media to brand the dairy-filled bun as “heaven” while others called it “revolting”.

Some reports said branches of Burger King had to stop taking orders for deliveries to ensure they had enough stock to provide their new cheese offering to in-store diners.

Burger King said “this is for real” while promoting the product online and urged diners to “show off” when eating it – but despite the indifferent response, others were finding new ways to treat the item.

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One customer recommended people should buy the burger and then “separate the cheese to eat with bread in the morning”.

Others compared it with toasted cheese or simply a thick sandwich.

With no other items included with the bun and cheese, such as tomatoes or lettuce, Burger King called on customers to try its new offering.

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It appeared on Thai menus at the weekend at a “discount” price of 109 Thai baht (£2.41) compared with a normal burger charge of 380 baht (£8.42).

Cheese is a hugely popular food in Thailand, particular with younger generations, and is sprinkled across many dishes.

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