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Child Care CSR Foundations : dedication to life

Child Care CSR Foundations

The Dedication to Life campaign is a charity drive launched by Alambra Fresh Milk, a dairy company in Cyprus, and the Alkinoos Artemios Foundation, in collaboration with MAS Hypermarkets. The campaign aims to support the Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation, which helps children with oncological and haematological diseases. For every bottle of Alambra Fresh Cypriot Milk purchased from MAS Supermarkets, 3 cents per litre will be donated to the Foundation.

The campaign is part of Alambra’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions, which demonstrate its strong sense of social responsibility and its promise of continuous contribution to society. The campaign hopes to improve the quality of life and care of the children being treated at oncology-haematology clinics in Cyprus and abroad. The campaign also benefits Alambra’s brand image and reputation, as it shows its dedication, sensitivity, and solidarity with fellow human beings. The campaign also helps to increase the sales and awareness of Alambra’s products, as it offers a discount and a social incentive for consumers to buy them.

Image Credit: Alambra Fresh Milk, Alkinoos Artemios Foundation

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