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“Dear Dyslexia – Thank You for All You Have Done” Launches Today in Paperback and on Kindle


SAN MARCOS, Calif.June 3, 2023PRLog — Creative Tenacity, a San Marcos-based business consulting and publishing company, announces the launch of “Dear Dyslexia – Thank You for All You Have Done” written by Consumer Products Sales Executive Mike Rothstein.  It is an autobiography about the challenges Rothstein faced growing up with Dyslexia, how he overcame his diagnosis, and now empowers people to do the same.

“I have spent my entire life hiding behind Dyslexia with the fear of how people would react while second guessing my own abilities.  Through the years, I learned that creativity and tenacity are significant side effects, or a silver lining, of Dyslexia which inspired me to write this book and help others. ‘Dear Dyslexia’ not just for those with Dyslexia, but for anyone who has faced adversity and overcame it.  It is a reminder, through perseverance and determination, anything is possible,” said Rothstein.  “I hope that sharing my story will help break down the stigma surrounding Dyslexia and inspire others to embrace their differences and pursue their dreams.”

“Dear Dyslexia – Thank You for All You Have Done” is a true-to-life, coming-of-age story about a top consumer products sales executive and his fight with Dyslexia that became an inspiration for his success.  The author describes his experience with Dyslexia from childhood into adulthood and shares the struggles, frustrations and surprising hidden gifts of his diagnosis. Through his honest and vulnerable storytelling, Rothstein aims to provide community and support for those who may feel alone in their Dyslexic journey.  “Every person’s journey is different, but what we get from our challenges will shape us daily,” according to the autobiography.

The first chapter of the book is written in a Dyslexia-vérité style that helps readers understand the challenges the author faced putting his thoughts into words and ultimately onto paper.  It helps to set the stage for the following chapters, which is a must-read for anyone looking for a powerful, uplifting story of resilience and hope.

The book also provides practical tools and applications to help people challenged with Dyslexia.

“My goal is to help parents and teachers better understand living with Dyslexia from a child’s perspective, and discover the upsides that may exist with the diagnosis.  It took me years of personal growth and development to embrace Dyslexia and eventually thank it for making me the person and professional I am today.  Hopefully, my story can be an inspiration to those in need,” said Rothstein.

Published by Creative Tenacity, “Dear Dyslexia – Thank You for All You Have Done” is available on (…), Barnes& (…) and ( in paperback for $15.99 and on Kindle for $9.99.  For more information about the book, visit “Dear Dyslexia – Thank You for All You Have Done.” (

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About Mike Rothstein

Mike Rothstein is a 57-year-old consumer products executive, a husband, a father, and a high school softball coach.  Mike is in the middle of a successful career as a consumer products executive and the founder of Creative Tenacity (, a business consulting company and publisher, where his creativity and tenacity have shaped his career.  Mike has discovered that a lifetime of challenges brought on by Dyslexia has provided personal and professional growth that no one could have imagined.  Now, he wants the world to know why he is, who he is, and how he got there! For more information visit,


For more information contact: Mike Rothstein, (650) 743-7742 or

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