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Live Courageously Podcast Show with John Duffy With Guest Director and Producer Michael Mike



John Duffy And Michael Mike

John Duffy And Michael Mike

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.June 2, 2023PRLog — “Live Courageously” Podcast Show is a show for our time where fear and courage are battling it out in our lives.

The Podcast show brings on a wide range of guests who have lived courageous lives in the face of many types of adversity. Most of the initial guests are friends of the moderator John Duffy and the purpose of the show is to share their stories.

The show will air  weekly Sunday @ 2pm Live on John Duffy’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel and will be available to watch as a recording.



On May 14th, John will host Michael Mike, Michael is the Founder and Owner of DFTV Network and DFTV Sports. The DFTV brand was created to help families mostly fathers dealing with “child support, CPS, and Divorces in the USA”. By using sports and dropping in helpful hint and training Mr. Mike was able to help bring awareness to parent looking for civil solutions.

As a result, Dads – Fathers of Texas was formed and its national counterpart grew to assist over 7,000 families throughout the States of TX, CA, TN, MS, OK, AR, GA, FL, NY, MN, NV, and WA. The company was formed to educate and assist today’s fathers by helping them to understand the legalities of Family Courts and the role of the Office of the Attorney General in their cases. Over 78% of all cases are resolved through mediation without going to court and clogging the courts’ dockets

Other accomplishments of Dads – Fathers of Texas as a result of assertive programs are:  Recognized by the Texas Family Courts for spearheading the process of Child Support Resolution through Mediation. By being the forerunner of this resolution tactic, up to 6 out of 10 fathers selected to participate in the program had updated terms instead of jail time, revised child support terms that the custodial parent actually received, and greater familial peace. Over 90% of the participants are still compliant

Selected and Awarded “Top 50 Most Influential Businesses in Dallas County” by the Dallas Fort Worth Community Network, a coalition of Dallas County Commission, Dallas City Council, Dallas County in 2013. 2014, 2013, 2012 Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center “Family Mediation – Volunteer of the Year”
Former 3-year Board Member of Fatherhood Coalition of Tarrant County
Entrusted to train hundreds of men who are released from incarceration on family, non custodial parent, child support, and parenting issues through the Texas Re-entry Program of Tarrant and Dallas Counties since 2011
Received Hundreds of Emails and Thank You Cards from Satisfied Clients
Authored and Published the book, “Victory Over Visitation,” in 2015 and $60,000 Sex! After steeping aside from mediation, Mr. Mike continue to use DFTV Sports to help father in Professional Sports stay active in their children lives

A little about the creator and moderator of “Live Courageously”.

John Duffy has worked extensively in the entertainment industry for years, producing over 45 + films in his film career. John has overcome trials and tribulations of life and has accumulated quite the tale, which has encouraged him to help others and motivate them in their dreams.

Thank You!

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