Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Endangered Ice Cream Trucks : Save the Flavors

Endangered Ice Cream Trucks

In an effort to address the pressing need to discuss climate change, Save the Flavors used ice cream as a source of conversation, bringing people together to discuss environmental sustainability over sweet treats. At the recent Climate Basecamp Save The Flavors event in Union Square Plaza, ice cream lovers’ attention was piqued with flavors like “Choco too-late,” “Don’t Piss-tachio it all away” and “Vanilla Bean a good run.”

These exceptionally limited-time flavors emphasize how beloved ingredients used to make favorite foods need to be protected as the climate warms. As part of the activation, Climate Basecamp welcomed guests to enjoy ice cream while learning about the ways that they can take action on the threats of climate change, and so that classic ice cream flavors can be served for generations to come.

Image Credit: LIESL NYC

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