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Sky-High Networking Meets Star Power

Unveil the Secrets to Building a Million-Pound Business with Solace Digital’s young founding mogul and find out how to sell your business with a finance maestro at Hotel AMANO’s Rooftop Bar.


LONDONSept. 25, 2023PRLog — Where can you rub elbows with business titans while savouring panoramic London views? This month, prepare for a networking experience that transcends the ordinary as we bring you September’s London social event, set against the lush backdrop of the renowned Hotel AMANO Rooftop Bar.

The event is organised by Introbiz in partnership with The London Business Journal, and takes place on September 28th from 4-6pm. This unforgettable evening is designed to escalate both your social and professional circles.

We are thrilled to announce the participation of two eminent guest speakers:

Leo Rogers, the ingenious mind behind Solace Digital. At the mere age of 18, Leo took the bold step of dropping out of university and spearheaded the creation of a £6 million business. His journey is a testament to innovation and audacity. Dive deeper into his ventures at: www.solace.digital.

Adrian Bromell, the renowned author of ‘Go Sell My Business’. Adrian, with his finance acumen, has guided numerous individuals in successfully selling their businesses. His insights are invaluable for those looking to navigate the intricate terrain of business dealings.

Highlights of the Event:

Casual Networking: Connect, collaborate, and clink glasses in an atmosphere that promotes genuine conversations and tangible opportunities.

Scenic Views: Elevate your mood and your business prospects as you relish breathtaking vistas of London’s iconic skyline.

Professional Opportunities: Navigate a sea of potential as you interact with professionals from diverse fields, opening doors you never knew existed.

Delicious Wine: Indulge your senses with an exquisite selection of wines, and raise a toast to new beginnings and prosperous partnerships.

Secure Your Spot and Step into a World of Infinite Possibilities

Don’t miss out on this unique blend of casual networking and professional growth. Purchase your ticket now and take full advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to forge invaluable connections, all while enjoying an evening of inspiration and luxury.

We look forward to enriching your networking experience at the Hotel AMANO Rooftop Bar, where the sky is not the limit — it’s just the view.

For ticket information and reservations, visit:


About The London Business Journal:

The London Business Journal is London’s number 1 business magazine. It covers exclusive stories of some of the wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs in the world, as well as features, tips and advice from some of the most prominent business thought leaders of our time.

It is a no-nonsense and down to earth business publication catering primarily to businesses in and around the UK’s most economically vibrant city – London, although it is read both nationally and internationally.

The London Business Journal is a free subscription-based publication and can be obtained by visiting: www.londonbusinessjournal.co.uk

About Introbiz:

Introbiz is a professional but ‘human’ business network where relationships are born and millions of pounds worth of business is secured every single year. The Introbiz experience combines proven ‘power group’ formats for effective networking, set-up in a hybrid of online and in-person locations; with a community of ambitious business owners. Harnessing over 13 years of experience connecting businesses and hosting events, they are able to create powerful referrals and environments where long-lasting relationships are born.

To find out more about Introbiz visit: www.introbiz.co.uk

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