Tue. May 28th, 2024

Outlandish Bear-Inspired Pants

Outlandish Bear-Inspired Pants

Daring streetwear brand Doublet has outdone itself once more with ‘The Bear Carrying On You’ Faux-Fur Trousers. The silhouette, stemming from designer Masayuki Ino’s collection which debuted on the runway, has garnered a lot of attention for its whimsical and adventurous aesthetic. The garment retails for $2,073 USD.

The Doublet Fall/Winter 2023 runway presentation itself was a blend of reality and fantasy, with models transforming into fictional characters against the backdrop of an amusement park. This juxtaposition was a testament to Ino’s ability to create and indulge in spectacle.

‘The Bear Carrying On You’ Faux-Fur Trousers are outlandish, with a distinctive design where the illusion was produced that the model was sitting atop an endearing black bear.

Image Credit: Ssense, hypebeast

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