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Retired Engineer & Intelligence Officer David Olsen Announces His Novel, JAYU



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CUSTER, S.D.July 19, 2023PRLog — Retired Aerospace Engineer, Boeing Executive and CIA Senior Scientist in Residence, David Olsen, announces the release for sale of his latest contemporary fiction novel, JAYU.

JAYU, or ‘freedom’ in the Korean language, takes us on a journey of cybercrime that starts with the infamous Sony Corporation hack perpetrated by the North Korean Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB). By interweaving a high level overview of government structure, cybersecurity threats and the intense commitment to building cyber talent, the story walks us through a blending of cyber attacks that are interwoven with the life of Choi Ji-hoon and his North Korean family. Guiding us through the story, the author illustrates how North Korea’s cybercrime enterprise wreaks havoc on the economies and well-being of companies and individuals worldwide, including the United States and South Korea.

The story follows Grady White, Deputy Director of the FBI, as he forms a task force to fight global cybercrime. As White begins to understand the intricacy and deep levels of talent the North Koreans commit to their cyber efforts, he realizes he needs a source within the North Korean RGB and develops a plan to entice Choi Ji-hoon, one of Kim Jong-un’s most valuable hackers, to defect and become part of the team. The story unfolds with White secretly building a clandestine relationship with Ji-hoon to protect him and his family from the North Korean as retribution for their disloyalty. Choi’s ingenious plan approved by POTUS is a highlight to the story. White remains steadfast in his efforts to build a team from an organization of North Korean defectors to attack and destroy the RGB computing infrastructure using readily available third world weapons.

Why this Book Matters
In the face of international threats, cyber crime stands out as the one front where the United States faces its greatest challenge — its ability to combat threats. Competing against countries like Russia, China and North Korea, that invest heavily in training cyber hackers from the early ages of 10 or 11, the U.S. struggles to entice, train and keep talent in the cyberspace. With over one million cybersecurity jobs remaining unfilled, the U.S. has a unique challenge in building a collaborative effort between education, industry and government to raise to a higher level of importance this increasingly unfilled career path and field of expertise. Aside from being a riveting read, JAYU takes the reader through multiple aspects of this challenging and critical insight.

About the Author
David Olsen, a retired Boeing Executive, has had an extensive career in leadership positions on numerous major Aerospace programs, and served as a Senior Scientist in Residence at CIA Headquarters. Earlier in his career he designed electronic sensors for the NASA Biosatellite D Flight and was in charge of the crew working at Cape Kennedy that provided the instrumented monkey while working for the UCLA Brain Research Institute. After leaving UCLA, he worked for several years developing infrared focal plan arrays for space surveillance at the Rockwell Science Center and was part of the technology transfer to the Rockwell Autonetics Division.

He earned his BS and MS degrees from the UCLA School of Engineering. JAYU is his third book. The first is his memoir, Life is a Blur, and second, a novel entitled Suspected, a prequel to JAYU.

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