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Technical Sausage Roll Jackets

Technical Sausage Roll Jackets

British brand Greater Goods is really pushing fashion innovations with its unexpected all-conditions technical jacket designs. While in April the brand collaborated with Salomon on the S/Lab Hydration Crew Jacket, now, it is venturing into the fashion-meets-food category with the All Conditions Greggs technical jacket.

For those outside of Britain, Greggs is a British bakery chain, popular for its sausage rolls in the UK. Cheekily, the new all-technical jacket by Greater Goods seeks to satisfy snacking needs on the go and during even the most strenuous adventures.

Greater Goods’ All Conditions Greggs technical jacket features BAKE-TEX technology and is capable of holding “up to 21 sausage rolls, seven Steak Bakes, and two pizza slices all at once.” To achieve this, the label utilized the back of the jacket, as well.

Image Credit: Greater Gooods, hypebeast

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